I Predict a Riot

It was a Friday afternoon and I had just come out of University. Anna, Danny, Mariana and myself went into the city centre to do some shopping and then we split up. Danny and myself walked to the tram stop when we realised that there were riot police EVERYWHERE and the roads were completely blocked off.

Then, walking up the road was a massive crowd of people with banners and flags being led by a transit van covered in graffiti and blasting music out of the back doors. It was an organised riot!

It looked quite exciting so Danny and myself decided we would join the march and start photographing it. It was something I really wanted to do as my ambition is to be a photojournalist, so this was right up my street. We started walking on the side of the protesters but after a while I decided I wanted to be more involved, so I got as far into the middle as I could. Then the protesters stopped marching…

Everyone stopped and someone started shouting and chanting out of the small van at the front of the riot and everyone started shouting, then all of a sudden someone lit a flare and threw it into the air. It created a massive thick smoke so I ran quickly from the middle out of the crowd; I wasn’t going to risk it!

Then everyone started throwing paint, tomatoes and eggs at one of the buildings and then started to march again.

I really wanted to get amongst it again to photograph but I wasn’t going to go as far in as I was before. Danny also really didn’t want to get into it, so he stayed on the side of the protestors. The march stopped again outside another building and the same thing happened about three times. It was quite dangerous yet so adrenalizing. The police however didn’t really get involved in any of it, they were only closely monitoring it.

It wasn’t really something I expected when I had left university but apparently riots and protests are not something unusual in Milan. I’m quite pleased with the photos I managed to capture there too so it was definitely an experience that I enjoyed and glad that I joined. Apparently the protest was against some companies that hire younger people that they don’t have to give a wage to and fire the older workers that need and depend on their wages to live.

Here’s some of the photos:

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