Czech Out Swiss Week (Part 2)

An early morning flight from Prague wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’m not really an early morning person so I was dreading the 5am wake-up call. But surprisingly it wasn’t that difficult. I got to Prague airport and I had a panic moment for about half an hour.

There are two terminals at the airport and I arrived at terminal 2. I looked at the flight schedules and “Zurich” wasn’t on there. I was so worried that I had got to the wrong airport but my flight was actually from terminal 1, which explained why it wasn’t on any departing flights from terminal 1. Thankfully nobody was with me to laugh at my embarrassment.

I got into Zurich airport, where my uncle was waiting for me at the arrivals. After a short drive, we got to my family’s apartment where my aunty and two young cousins greeted me. This weekend was the Swiss carnival season, which meant the whole town was in party mode.

At the beginning of the day, the carnival focuses more on family and children. So we took my cousins to a marquee that was full of children in various fancy dress costumes with party poppers and confetti EVERYWHERE. It was difficult trying to keep any confetti from getting inside our beers. I can’t stress enough how much confetti was there; it was crazy.

As the day progressed, people started to go home and prepare for the second part of the carnival. This started with a street parade. It lasted for such a long time with various different organisations and people dressed up as different things, playing different music and giving out free drinks and food as they passed. It was quite the experience that brought together the local community.

Then finally, the carnival turned into something more for adults. There were several stalls serving all kinds of food and drinks (mainly alcohol) at cheap prices and small stages were set up around the village where bands played live music, including Guggenmusik – a traditional type of Swiss music. This lasted until the early hours of the morning with everyone quite drunk.

Monday morning it was time to leave. I made my way to Zurich and on to the coach. The departure time had arrived but we hadn’t left. So I looked outside the window to see that the driver was having quite the heated discussion with a lady, all in German so I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. But she really wasn’t happy. This lasted for 30 minutes which meant I was delayed quite a lot. Luckily I hadn’t made any plans for when I arrived back in Milan. I was just extremely tired and wanted to go straight to bed.

So that was the end of my busy week travelling to both Prague and Switzerland. It was enjoyable and now I can say that I’ve given travelling alone a good go. It introduced me to new experiences that I will always remember as part of my Erasmus year abroad.

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