The One When I'm on TV

As part of our core subject this year; Television, Advertising & Music: The Italian Approach, I took an early morning outing to a television studio to be an audience member of the Italian morning talk show “MettinoCinque” along with the rest of my classmates.

We were instructed to meet at a metro stop at the other end of Milan from where I live at 8am. So it was by far the earliest yet that I’ve had to wake up and travel since arriving here. I dreaded the thought of meeting so early so far away, but surprisingly I made it on time!

We were met at the metro stop by a coach that was waiting for our class but also a few other members of the public that were also going to be part of the television audience. The majority of these people were a lot older than us and spoke Italian, so they were quite familiar with this show whereas we had no idea.

When we got to the studio we were told of the strict rules of the studio in order for us to enter. Honestly, it was unbelievably strict and the security was so high. It was as if we were trying to get through airport border control. We had to show our passports quite a few times, empty our pockets and walk through metal detectors, the lot.

After we got into the studio, we were greeted by some of the crew-members that were quite over-enthusiastic for the time of day that it was. But they were really nice and talked to us individually at the start and throughout the breaks of the show.

The show soon began and obviously, it was completely in Italian so I didn’t have the slightest clue what was being told and discussed in front of me the whole time I was sat there. I just sat in the background, pretending to understand everything and look very interested and when the applauded when I was told to.

However I was lucky enough to be sitting in a spot where my face was clearly in view of the camera at one part of the show, so I ended up being on live TV here in Italy. My face might be blurred, but I think I did a pretty good job of pretending I knew what was going on.

Anyway, it was a really interesting experience to see how a live television show is broadcast in Italy and how the crew have to work as a strong team behind the camera to make sure that the recording flows as nicely as possible. It made me realise that seeing and experiencing something is much more fascinating and rewarding than just learning about it inside a classroom.

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