Blissful Birthday

11th November saw the start of my week of excitement and drunkenness for my 21st birthday. Megan and Danni were the first of my friends to arrive in Milan and when they did, we went straight into the celebrations.

We had a decent meal at a fancy restaurant and shared a bottle of expensive wine between the four of us. After that, we got ready and headed straight for the nightclub Le Banque (a transformed bank with a giant chandelier). Although I’m not really a fan of the nightlife in Milan, this night turned out to be one of my favorites.

The next day we did our traditional “hangover routine” and ordered a McDonalds delivery. Only this time, I never received my order and still, to this day I have no idea where my Big Mac ended up.

Monday morning we made our way to Centrale station to meet Milo who had taken an early morning flight from London. We thought it would be nice to go for a brunch on the way back from the station, which took a while due to places being closed. In the evening, it was time to see The Kooks. We jostled through the crowd into the front and it was one of the best nights I’ve ever experienced.

My birthday finally arrived on 15th November. I woke up to my friends creating a list of 21 things to do throughout the day. This included chasing after a scooter, asking a stranger for a thumb war and shouting, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY” on public transport. I managed 18 things, which I personally think is a good effort! We then met up with our Erasmus friends and went clubbing, completely drunk beforehand, of course.

The end of the week came and unexpectedly, there was one more thing in store for my birthday.

I woke up with a hangover and made a cup of tea when I realised that Danni and Danny were not in the apartment. They were apparently at the shop but had been gone for a LONG time. When they did come back, they buzzed the apartment and said they had forgotten their key and this is when it happened.

I opened the door and standing in front of me was my best friend, Shandy (aka. Shannon to everyone else). I have never appreciated my friends more than I did at this time. It was such a nice and exciting surprise as she had told me she was unable to come to Milan for my birthday due to not getting the time off work. She not only took the time and effort to travel to Milan, but she brought gifts that took up about 80% of her suitcase!

After a good night out (number 3 of the week) it was time for the beginning of the end. Danni, Megan and Milo made their way back to the airport. We took them to the transfer coach and said our goodbyes before Shandy, Anna, Danny and myself made our way to Lake Como, which was cold but so beautiful, and somewhere I would definitely recommend.

Then Sunday arrived and it was time to say goodbye to Shandy and I have never tried so hard to not tear up in my life.

But the week was absolutely amazing and I am forever grateful to all my friends that took the time and effort to make it so special, thanks to all of you!

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