Snapped Up That Opportunity

At the start of my Erasmus year, I wanted to find out if there were any ways in which I could maintain my photography practice, as the modules I was going to study didn’t really include any photography work. So at our induction day, Danny and myself decided to approach the Internationals Communications Officer and ask if there was any sort of university society doing photography. She unfortunately said no but loved the idea of a photography club being introduced.

We then discussed it further and ended the conversation with an agreement that Anna, Danny, Mariana and myself would come together to form the first photography group of Cattolica University. We had a meeting and decided that we would start off by covering the upcoming events of the university and start taking other small assignments which we would send over to Maria, the communications officer. But we would eventually like for other students to join the group so that when we left the University, the group could still continue.

The first assignment I had was to photograph two students that were part of the Universities newsletter team. These were domestic students studying full-time at the university.

Although this was quite a small and quick job, I used it as some good practice at taking some portraits. I agreed to meet them outdoors because it was such nice weather, it would be a shame to waste it.

We didn’t really do much else during the first semester because of all our workloads but also Maria’s. But when the second semester arrived, we were asked to cover the two induction days of the new arriving international students.

We arrived at university at 9am ready to photograph the events of the morning. We were introduced in front of everyone as the photography group and then just got on with the job. This was good practice of event photography and as there were four of us, it was well covered. We just had to make sure we weren’t photographing the same things.

Early in the second semester we were also asked to judge a photography competition that the university hosted for it’s domestic students that travelled abroad for a semester. Some other students and staff joined us that also judged around 300 photos to finally choose the top 3 whom received cash prizes.

I enjoy being part of this group and I like that we are able to carry on photographing even though my courses don’t actually require photography here in Italy. However, it is quite difficult to contribute so much to the group as well as study for university. But I think as I progress through this semester, I will learn to organise my time better so that I can do both.

But I’m not promising anything…

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