The Green Green Grass of Home

A whole year in another country is quite a lot of time. Although I did go home at Christmas for 3 weeks, I found that I definitely do get home sick sometimes and miss certain things.

My homesickness is a weird one. It usually lasts for one or two days where I just mope around and don’t want to talk to anyone. It comes with no warning and then just disappears.

Since being here in Italy, there have been quite a few things I’ve missed. When I refer to being homesick in Italy, it usually means the U.K. too, not my actual home, but sometimes I obviously miss my actual home too.

The first time I recall this happening while I’ve been in Milan is was about a month into my Erasmus experience. I had been shopping for my weekly foods and made myself a cup of tea as soon as I unpacked. That was when it hit. When I looked down into my horrible, brown plastic mug at the Italian teabag floating in the water turning it into this repulsive dishwater look. Teabags. A good quality British teabag was the thing that I missed the most at that moment and triggered my first homesickness.

Food is another thing I missed most about the U.K.; Crème eggs, crumpets, super noodles, the fish shop, chicken balls with curry sauce. All these were things I couldn’t get but wanted so much and still do, even though I’m nearly at the end of my Erasmus year.

The third thing to trigger my homesickness, and probably the most important and biggest thing that I miss is good old Wetherspoons. Places here in Milan are expensive to eat at, even though they are really appetizing. Some days, all I want is a meal from Wetherspoons, or even just a cheap cocktail pitcher. But the closest thing I have to that is a small pub that sells Italian beer at €5 a pint.

I also get quite homesick when I see my home friends going out to nightclubs and just casually socialising, because obviously, I can’t be there. However I do like seeing my friends enjoying themselves together, but honestly, I want to be there!!

Another time I remember feeling homesick a lot was February. The Six Nations rugby tournament had began and of course being a Welsh lad, I had to go to the pub, get drunk and cheer the Welsh team on. The only problem was, every time I went it was just myself cheering on the Welsh. I went with some friends to the pub, but supporting wise, I just wanted another Welsh person with me. That’s when I realised; back home the pubs would be filled with everyone going crazy.

It’s quite a gloomy blog post this time, so I’d just like to reassure you, I am having such a good time out here in Milan. Please don’t think I hate it because I’m really not. Everyone gets homesick at some point, so I just wanted to share with you the moments it happened to me. This experience has also taught me to not take things for granted. The things you do daily might seem normal but when they’re gone, that’s when you realise how much you’d miss them.

(P.s: Here’s a shout out to my family who I miss too! I know I won’t hear the end of it if they weren’t given a mention!)

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