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The past two weeks have completely drained me both financially and physically. Anna’s home friends Pip, Sarah and Sophie came to visit for a long weekend and after a week of stressing about university work, it was probably one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in a long time.

Even though they arrived in the late afternoon, clubbing wasn’t going to be given a miss. The club that does a student night on Fridays is my least favourite club. It’s quite far away, it’s quite dirty and plays awful music; so if I can avoid it, I will. But when we went with Pip and Sarah, it was actually really fun! We got home at around 6am and it was actually the first time I had got home when after sunrise since being in Italy. Their visit had started off well!

The next day we were joined by Sophie and again, it was time to go clubbing. Even though we were quite tired from the night before, we went to my favourite Milan club; Le Banque. The night ended with Sophie being a little worse for wear but it was quite hilarious and again, we got home really late. But their visit wasn’t full of nights out; we did do things in the daytime too.

We went into the Navigli area of Milan where there was a book and antique fair. It was full with people but also with various items for sale including weird artwork, old-fashioned furniture and photo books.

We also visited Milan’s art gallery that had various kinds of artwork on display from old paintings to more modern work by contemporary artists. We were there for quite a while before I had to leave for work.

We also went bowling with our French friends and it was fair to say it didn’t end well. Most of us said before hand that we weren’t that good at bowling, but the only people to stick to their words was Pip and myself. Even though there were 7 of us playing, I’m delighted to say I was in the top 10 and that’s all that matters.

It was a great weekend full of fun and laughter but all good things must come to an end. The three of them left on Tuesday, which was such a shame. But I’m sure there’ll be another visit soon.

Just a few days after that, our friends from University, Sarah and Dan came to visit. Which meant sleep still wasn’t on the cards just yet. When they arrived it was time to go clubbing again. We went another two times, which completely drained me of any energy, I had. But in the daytime, we did venture out into Milan again including to an aquarium where we spent most of the day and was completely free!

It was so hot when they were here too, so we went to get an ice cream and relaxed at a park for a while. It was good to just be able to spend time with them and chill out for a while! Sarah and Dan also left on a Tuesday however it was an early morning flight which meant that we had to leave the apartment at 3am to travel on the night bus for such a long time to get into the centre of Milan. It was really nice of them to visit and it was really fun too, but sleep was definitely something I was begging for and it felt so good to finally catch up on sleep.

P.s: Yes, I know I sound like a sloth in most of this post!

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