Time to Say Goodbye...Nearly

The penultimate term of my time in Italy has just come to an end, which means that the time I have left here in Milan is becoming very short, and it kills me to say that. I have so far had such a great experience and it is a time in my life that I will treasure forever. But enough of the sad talk, there’s still 2 months (and a bit) left. But here’s what I have made of my experience so far…

Finding out that I had been accepted in Milan was amazing. I had planned and hoped for SO long to study for one year in this picturesque country so it was an amazing feeling. Even as it came closer and closer, I was still so excited about it but also nervous at the same time.

When I arrived it was quite nerve-racking. Everyone talking in Italian, completely new surroundings, a new university and I knew just 3 people. But it’s amazing to think that I can now easily get around the city, speak very little Italian (Hey, I tried!) and I’ve made so many friends and memories that I will never forget.

After finally organizing my university modules, none of them required photography which was annoying but the things I’ve learned, especially in my media classes are so helpful in improving myself as a professional so they definitely won’t be going to waste.

It’s a weird one, but since being in Italy, I have also learned to cook more efficiently but healthier too. I eat a lot more fruit and vegetables than I did before I came here and I’ve experimented a lot with my cooking. I have no idea why this has happened whilst being out here, but I suppose Italy is the country of food so…

The high prices have also taught me to not waste as much as I previously had and also not to overbuy when I do my weekly shop. Which has helped me greatly financially wise but also morally, I feel a lot better.

I’ve organised trips to different countries both with friends and completely alone, which is a first for me. Even though I’ve always thought of myself as independent, I didn’t think that I would be hopping into other countries completely alone and sharing a room with 8 complete strangers, but I did it, and it was worth it.

Although coming from an area in Wales that is relatively safe, quite small and friendly, to one of the biggest cities in Italy does have its problems. When out in public, I have had to be so aware of what’s going on. I constantly have to check my pockets and look behind me whenever someone comes in contact with me because it is quite the dangerous place. So many things have been stolen from my friends since I have been here which is horrible. Thankfully nothing of mine has, but it’s frustrating that I constantly have to be on watch incase it does happen to me.

However, living in Milan is still something I would love to do again. It’s been absolutely great experience that I would recommend to anyone. But if I did come back, then I would definitely try a lot harder to learn the Italian language. Even though most people speak English, it isn’t the greatest and I personally would like it more if I could speak Italian a lot better.

Even though I’ve had so many problems with Erasmus, I would still recommend that you do it if you have the chance. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it opens your eyes up to the world so much. It’s taught me ways that I would never have learned back home and things that I will forever remember.

But again, enough with the sad talk, here’s to the next two crazy, fun-filled, stressful (exams), enjoyable months of my life!

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