Brought £60 of ABBA Stockholm

Last week saw the three of us studying in Milan meet up with our friends studying and working in Lapland, Sweden and back home at the land of ABBA – Sweden.

It was a trip that I had wanted to do for a long time because of my love of ABBA and the fact that they have an interactive museum in Stockholm, so I was very excited when my friends agreed on Sweden being the place to meet.

I was excitedly waiting in university in the morning before the three of us went to the airport and took a very long journey to the hostel along with Danni who works in England. We arrived at around 2am where we met Milo, who is currently studying in Karlstad. We just spent the night very tiredly catching up on what was happening in each of our places.

The next day we met with Kam & Bea who study in Malmö and later we went to find the Lapland crew who had finally landed at around lunchtime. Now we were all together and the holiday was able to begin. We adventured around for a while and then sat in the park drinking a few ciders like typical Brits.

The next day was my favourite day of all. We went to the ABBA museum and it was absolutely amazing. It was so much fun and I enjoyed everything that they offered there, I recommend it to everyone! But it was also really happy to see my friends having such a good time too. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much and it really made me happy seeing everyone smiling. The only downside to this day was that I spent £60 in the gift shop and got my card declined because my student loan hadn’t arrived yet.

Sweden is a ridiculously expensive place and it absolutely ruined my bank balance the whole time I was there so the evening after the ABBA museum, we decided that we would stay in the hostel and cook some spaghetti and Swedish meatballs – Shout out to our cooks; Lucy, Bea, Charlotte and Danny!

The next day we wandered around Stockholm again and it was really nice to just spend time with everyone as a group but also individually. Then the nighttime saw us go on a bar crawl with complete strangers and then into the nightclub. Quite an average nightclub at that too, the DJ changed songs every 10/15 seconds or so but I had a really good time nevertheless.

Sunday was the last full day that we had together as a group. The morning came and some people were feeling better than others after the night out. But we all went for some food, which eventually sorted us out. We walked to the Botanical gardens to take some photos and then chilled on a bench singing some Taylor Swift before we decided it would be nice to have a group meal at a Taco Bar. The food there was ridiculously nice! We ate and shared our favourite memories of the trip before going back to the hostel and playing some games and spending more time together before it was time to leave.

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